February 15, 2022


A manifesto seems appropriate at the start of this particular new venture. This manifesto does not propose to become the source of a revolutionary new art form or political movement, nor does it assume its existence will make any significant contribution to the history of the world. Its only supposition is that of individual quality—specifically of thought, of passion, and of action. I applaud those who govern their lives by these three quintessential human qualities and seek to associate with them. However, a decrease in their apparentness within modern society has created a need for resurgence. Too many careless wanderers have taken the places of mindful laborers. Mediocrity rules where excellence once did. Rather than accepting complacency with bowed head, I propose a return to creative existence; a return to self-initiated value of integrity and virtue—not dictated by another man’s conscience, but by my own. No longer will I be weighed down by anything other than my own expectations

Thought, passion, and action have recently become the driving forces in how I approach most things, not just design. The interplay of these three attributes, properly balanced allow for immense growth. As I look back on times when I have felt a great sense of accomplishment, these three have been perfectly balanced.

Each corresponds to a part of living: mental, emotional/spiritual, and physical. The three are dependent upon each other and I upon their collaboration. When one outweighs another, I find myself less than my best. Their order is important also. My father used to say something that has stuck with me: “Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, habits create a character, and character builds a life.” The most key part of that process lies within thoughts to actions. Thoughts initiate passion which drives action, and the subsequent sum of actions create a life. My aim is to create one worth remembering.

Graymatters is intented to serve as a creative outlet for all three. First, and foremost, this publication is intended to be thought-provoking, both for me, as the author, and for whatever readers are persuaded to pick up a copy and peruse. Second, Graymatters provides a source of exploration within my passion for design, and more specifically typography. Third, I hope that in some way, Graymatters will inspire another to follow their thoughts and passions and act on them.